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Antenna Installation!

Apartment complexes, Retirement homes, Public facilities, ete.... Get great deals on installation when adding or updating your establishment to digital! Call us now!


TV Antenna Tower!

We have the best prices on the TV antenna tower for rural area customers! Huge Savings!

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HDTV Antenna, DTV Antennas

HDTV Antenna, DTV Antennas

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Simply browse our categories listed at the left to easily contact local businesses that offer installation and services when it comes to your digital needs! We want to help you build the perfect digital entertainment center, whether it's a simple TV stand or full-blown HD surround sound.


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Antenna installations on the rise!

We are seeing a huge spike in customers canceling their Cable or Dish services and opting for free high definition television via HDTV antenna installers. Why? Of course it's because the rising cost of these services. But we wanted to mention another benefit you or most of them didn't realize when they had their TV antenna installed. Much better picture quality for LCD and Plasma TVs and more choices in local television.

Here are some very interesting articles that just may surprise you:

How about this for an RV antenna.

Cable/Dish signals VS a TV antenna

Love your local network programming?

TV Antenna Installation


Leave your TV antenna installation to us! Many of you have!

We will analyze your home address and the distance to your DTV transmission towers.
Provide you with a "Custom Matched DTV Antenna" designed for your home address ($100 value by itself). Tuning of antenna...and much more!!!

We also do large commercial TV antenna installations.


TV-Silencer (Limat Graphics Inc)


Outdoor HDTV Antennas

         HDTV Antenna Bundles As low as $49    

We carry a full line of outdoor TV antennas to fit your particular needs due to your location. Whether it's a UHF or VHF or a combination UHF/VHF high definition antenna, we have what your looking for to enjoy years of uninterrupted FREE TV. Outdoor HDTV antennas are for those who live over 20 miles away or their terrain or surroundings are not favorable.


Indoor HDTV Antennas


Indoor digital antennas work with very good results! The indoor DTV antenna nearly always work up to 10 miles from the transmitter, under ideal conditions. They often give great performance up to 20 miles for people who live on hill crests or if the transmitting tower is visible. One of the best performing indoor antennas is the Winegard SS 3000 indoor TV antenna pictured above.

TV Antenna


Installing it yourself  and wanting to know what antenna is best for you? Get it right the first time with the correct Indoor or outdoor UHF/VHF/HDTV Antennas. Optimized for HDTV reception, our selection of antennas will increase reception range to deliver strong, clear signals. We carry the most popular and trusted name when it comes to digital TV reception....Winegard.

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Cell Phone Booster


Our Best Antenna Cell Phone Booster On Sale Now!

Wi-Ex ZBoost YX510-PCS/CEL

Tired with your cell phone reception showing "no bars", “service lost” or “no signal” every time you use it? A cell phone booster improves cellular reception for Quad-Band phones such as the new 3G iPhone. Home installation is simple! Our Best Seller!

    Save up to $100 on Cell Phone Signal Boosters

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