Best HDTV, DTV Antenna For Boise Area

Best HDTV, DTV Antenna For Boise Area

Due to local stations occasionally updating or changing their frequencies we have found it's best to call our professional antenna techs to determine what antenna best fits your needs. 1-866-621-6269

We continuously hear from many happy customers in and around the city of Boise, Idaho! With all the local broadcasting towers located 5500 to 6500 ft. up on the mountain summit near the town of Deerpoint makes choosing the best HDTV antenna for Boise extremely simply!

The Best HDTV Antennas In Boise

Even though KTVB (NBC) is assigned on a VHF freq. of 7 and KNIN (UPN) VHF 10 the (call us for most recent updated model needed) antenna or the (call us for most recent updated model needed) time and time again produce exceptional results! Both Channel Masters are UHF antennas but are designed to receive upper VHF freq's 7-13 too! What's this mean to you?...Smaller, less intrusive looking antenna on your roof compared to the old "yagi" style antennas of the '70's.

Boise HDTV Antennas

If you're looking for the best HDTV antenna for Boise, Idaho area look no further. These DTV antennas work well in the Boise towns of Nampa, Meridian, Garden City, Caldwell and Eagle as well.

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