Best HDTV, DTV Antenna For Minneapolis Area

Best HDTV, DTV Antenna For Minneapolis Area

Home Entertainment has analyzed the top 25 largest TV markets in the U.S. and provided a summary of which Digital HDTV Antennas work best for your city. 

Being a UHF/VHF market, success is often found with the SS-3000 antenna set top antenna if you live within 15 miles of Shoreview. Digital reception does not possess much of a challenge for most residents! If your further than 50 miles from the city choose the Winegard HD8200U antenna ! Since the addition of  these fine antennas we have been getting rave reviews from our customers saying they are the best HDTV antenna for the Minneapolis area!


Antennas With Best HDTV Reception For Minneapolis

Issues that are reported are normally from people who live in valleys or depressions, but thankfully the terrain is relatively flat for the majority of residents. Some rural Minnesota viewers are receiving Minneapolis stations over 70 miles away with the Winegard HD8200U antenna and reception of Rochester stations is not out of the question for some with enough elevation.


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