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Supreme Nicotine has made a royal entrance into an Electronic Cigarette industry that has had no clear leader. Founded by current CEO/President Michael Pona,'s goal is to "not just to provide smokers with an alternative to their habit, but the BEST alternatives at great prices while improving the image of the E-Cig Industry. Mr. Pona is no newcomer to E-Cigarettes in St. Louis. He has been involved with Smokeless Cigarettes in one way or another for over 2 years.

     St. Louis, Missouri owned an operated, Supreme Nicotine makes their own E- Juice with American Made E-Liquids and American Made Food Grade Flavorings. They have secured partnerships with the Biggest and Best Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers the world has to offer. When asked about customer service Mike had this to say. "Customer Service is the top priority at Supreme Nicotine. Our mission is to assure each and every customer has an enjoyable, satisfying and care free experience with our company, products and services".

     Before Founding Supreme Nicotine, Mr. Pona gained extensive experience in the E-Cig Industry working directly for and/or being affiliated with Companies Such as Green Nicotine, Green Smoke and Blu among others. Along the way he gained general and detailed product knowledge and seen what works for people and what doesn’t.  He has worked in the following positions: Sales and Support, Call Center Operator, Training/Sales MNG., General MNG., Operations MNG., District MNG. and been a Promotions/Marketing Director.

     He has been interviewed about electronic cigarettes in by NBC's KSDK NewsChannel 5 as well as been a reappearing guest on Fox owned KTRS the Big 550‘s McGraw Millhaven show. He has personally produced and managed radio campaigns that aired on 590 The FAN, KSHE 95, and 105.7 The Point. He was the First to bring the e-cig to Pointfest, one of St. Louis's biggest summer concerts,  in 2010. It is safe to say Mike is one of the leading E-cigarette Industry Experts in St. Louis, Missouri.

     When asked about Supreme Nicotine compared to the industry in general Mr. Pona had this to say. "I have seen first hand the dirty business practices, the manipulation and a lot of other scams and schemes that has clouded the E-Cig Industries image. On the other hand I've seen countless numbers of people go through life changing experiences with E-Cigs. It’s been an enlightening journey and I’ve had the privilege to meet many awesome people from all walks of life who have tried, used and bought electronic cigarettes. I've seen first hand what people love and hate about electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. I am 100% committed and dedicated to making Supreme Nicotine the leader that sets the industry standards in terms of quality, affordability, ease of access and customer service. We’re proud to provide The World’s BEST E-Cigs And America’s BEST E-Juice”.

     He then added, "“You have to be careful with who you do business with in the E-Cig industry. Some companies advertise free trial offers to E-Cigs. 99% of the time it's a scam. What they don't tell you is that if you don't return your product in a specified period of time your credit card will be charged full price for the initial setup and a recurring monthly fee for their refill cartridges. Most charges are conveniently deducted the day after the return deadline has passed. This is what is called a continuity program. The customer is always over charged for and stuck with a very low grade product. The customer almost always ends up calling their credit card provider, disputing the charges and canceling their card on the company. Unfortunately it's to late, as the long and confusing terms of service cleverly hide this continuity program into the legal binding agreement you must accept to receive the offer. This shady practice is one of the main reasons that the Electronic Cigarette Industry is being black balled in the Merchant Service industry. This also has lead to many fly by night companies whom leave customers without a reliable supply of products. This is just one example of industry wide bad business practice”.

     "One of my old employers were a mall kiosk company that  prayed on the uninformed smoker by getting someone new to e-cigs to stop and sample the product. Their product worked great with a fully charged battery and a brand new refill cartridge. What I came to find out was the Batteries would lose charge way to quickly and consistently short out after a week or two of usage and the cartomizers would not last nearly as long as the company claimed they would. Written in fine print on the receipt but not explained by the associate was be a policy that stated No Refunds on opened merchandise. So when the victim tried to return the product for not living up to the pitch they were given or after finding the same product somewhere else for 10x cheaper they are then told they are S.O.L. I quickly went from being proud to help smokers to feeling like a slime ball. The last draw was when I found out that our product used a Chinese made nicotine solution after being taught to say it was American made in training. These are a couple of the motivating factors behind creating Supreme Nicotine".

     “Another factor to consider is the quality of E-Liquids and where they are made. The FDA along with other regulatory agencies have found contaminants and known carcinogens in Refill Cartridges and E-Juice imported from foreign countries. Some companies will even claim to sell American Made E-Liquids, since they mix the ingredients they purchased overseas, here in the States. You can’t trust 2nd best when your dealing with a consumable product. You can learn more about the ins and outs of the industry at many e-cig-forums online”.

Electronic Cigarettes In St Louis

     "Supreme Nicotine is not involved in any continuity programs. We make it easy by offering only the best E-Cig Starter Kits, Accessories and E-Liquids the market has to offer. Supreme Nicotine's Super Supreme Premium E-Juice is made in St. Louis Missouri with American Made Liquids and U.S. Made Food Grade Flavorings. Our proprietary recipe combines a unique mixture of only U.S.A. Made Propylene Glycol, U.S.A. Made Vegetable Glycerin, Pharmaceutical Grade U.S.P. Compliant Nicotine and U.S.A. Made Food Grade flavoring. Our unique mixture provides a satisfying hit to the lungs, an authentic taste to the tongue and produces big thick clouds of vapor that dissipate almost instantaneously. Top notch quality coupled with superior customer service is Supreme Nicotine's true recipe for success".

     "I personally know the right Electronic Cigarettes can truly help millions of people, having not smoked a tobacco cigarette in over 2 years after a 12 year habit. But with an industry full of snakes, thieves and liars many have given up on the life changing technologies of Electronic Cigarettes. It is this reason I developed, funded and then created Supreme Nicotine. We look forward to forging an ongoing relationship with all of our customers and are truly excited to help as many people as possible. We aim to not only take care of our customers in the best way possible but also to improve the image of a much needed industry. Supreme Nicotine is Now Open and taking the necessary steps to make positive change that the people and industry both deserve".

     Supreme Nicotine provides only the highest quality products at very reasonable prices. On average a pack a day smoker saves close to $2000 a year if they convert to E-Cigs. Supreme Nicotine offers high, medium and low levels of nicotine in their E-Juice and even a solution with no nicotine. Keep in mind although nicotine is the addictive property in tobacco that calms your craving and keeps you coming back, Mike reminded me it has never been proven to cause cancer, emphysema or all of the other main diseases tobacco smokers suffer. It was also cool Mike was enjoying his habit as I interviewed him in our smoke-free newsroom. is running a Grand Opening Sale thru July 31st 2011 for electronic cigarettes in St. Louis. Customers get a Free 30 mL bottle of Supreme Nicotine's Super Supreme Premium E-Liquid along with Free shipping when they purchase of any of their 10 starter kits. The customer just enters the coupon code "NICSHIP" in the coupon code section of the shopping cart to activate the special.

     Supreme Nicotine has also initiated an Affiliate Program with great success. They offer their affiliates a 10%commission on all affiliate generated web sales. Affiliates are given a unique coupon code, tracking #, and even offered digital flyers and business cards. When a customer uses an affiliate's coupon code the customer is given a 10% discount on their purchase. This innovative marketing strategy has led to partnerships between and numerous St. Louis businesses, individuals and even a Universal Records recording artist. All of these combined factors are spring-boarding Supreme Nicotine into the leading role as an E-Cig / E-Liquid manufacturer and supplier.

     You can learn more about Supreme Nicotine by visiting their website. You can also find on Facebook and Twitter!

     From their Super Supreme Premium E-Juice to their High Paying Affiliate Program is Leading the Electronic Cigarette Industry with innovative marketing strategies and superior quality products. The St. Louis Missouri owned and operated company is improving the image and setting new standards in an otherwise damaged and flawed industry. It's easy to see why a quick google search of "Americas Best E-Juice" places Supreme Nicotine #1 out of almost 3,000,000 results. "The Worlds Best E-Cigarettes in St. Louis, America's Best E-Liquids" Is Taking Over The Electronic Cigarette Industry In More Ways Than One.

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