Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

E Cigarette Skins!    

Green Smoke... simply the best!

The E Cigarette or Electronic Cigarette starter kits are taking the tobacco industry by storm. As a much smarter choice & alternative for traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are setting the example of what smart smokers should and can do for themselves and the ones around them.

Green Smoke Social Starter Kit


The Social Green Smoker package is for those social smokers who don't need much more than one battery and one cartridge to start. Since each cartridge is equivalent to one to two packs of tobacco cigarettes, it will take the social smoker quite some time to go through it.

When you see you like and enjoy it, you can come back to and buy some more refills.


Green Smoke Basic Starter Kit

Green Smoke electric cigarettes only consist of two pieces, the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge contains a solution of nicotine and water vapor. It has a built in atomizer, which means that there is no cleaning or maintenance required.

The battery is designed to optimize the perfect balance between usage time and weight. Just screw them together and puff!


Green Smoke Love Birds Starter Kit


The Green Smoke Love Bird Kit is for smoking couples. We doubled everything one needs to Green Smoke and sugar coated it with a sweet price.

Contents include:

2 Long lithium ion rechargeable batteries
2 Short lithium ion rechargeable batteries
10 Nicotine electric cigarette assorted flavors cartridges
2 USB home chargers (includes USB adapter and wall adaptor
2 Green Smoke electric cigarette manual


Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits



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