Green Smoke E Cigarette, Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke E Cigarette, Electronic Cigarette

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Our staff loves them!

Our entire staff here at Home Entertainment are using Green Smoke Electronic cigarettes now. A few of us have even quit smoking completely. We can tell you that not only are they a smarter alternative but we ALL love the fact that we can sit in our home theaters and smoke without the wife causing a fuss. It's great! Many of us on our staff were using several different brands of e cigarettes when we first started using them but it didnt take long to determine which was the best...and it is clearly the Green Smoke e cigarette.

If you are new to electronic cigarettes we want to let you in on a secret. With e cigarettes it's the amount of vapor one can produce AND a VERY IMPORTANT part..maintenance. You do not use the same atomizer with Green Smoke. Every time you finish a cartridge and replace it...your replacing the atomizer too. We have all seen what an atomizer looks like after some use around here and it's not pretty. Green Smoke uses a patented two part design!

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Green Smoke E Cigarette

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette delivers only the nicotine. No carcinogens... No tar... No carbon monoxide. Feel refreshed yet? You should because the "Green" in Green Smoke means that the nicotine is delivered in a completely clean and odorless vapor. That's because Green Smoke doesn't burn the nicotine like yesterday's cigarettes... instead it vaporizes it.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

have been independently tested for safety. Why Green Smoke?

  •     No tar or carcinogens
  •     No cancer causing chemicals
  •     Fresh atomizer in every cartridge
  •     Easy to use and maintain
  •     Smoke in no smoking zones
  •     No bad odor on clothes or breath
  •     Large variety of flavors and strengths
  •     Highest smoke volume
  •     30 Day money Back
  •     1 Year Warranty
  •     Best customer service
  •     Save up to 75% on cigarettes
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