HDTV Calibration

Our Promise

Millions of consumers make a huge investment when they purchase their new HDTV. It's a sad fact though that many beleive the display settings out of the box from the factory are the best. Many times this is not the case and, in fact, the "out of the box" factory settings may not at all be the best possible viewing experience your HDTV is capable of. To make things worse, an improper "HDTV Calibration" will shorten the lifespan of the screen itself!

Let our technicians complete the entire optimization process with softwares intuitive interface. Comprehensive screens guide our technicians through each step to achieve your desired color setting. Our HDTV calibration technicians will arrive with a laptop computer to complete the entire process of your TV calibration.


  • We have a network of trained and certified HDTV technicians throughout the US.
  • We carry a 1 year warranty on our labor and installation packages
  • We carry $10 Million per incident insurance coverage just so that you have peace of mind while our technicians are working on your home.

We are growing each and everyday in giving our customers the best picture possible with the help of our certified HDTV calibration technicians

We have HDTV optimization technicians throughout the entire US. Here are just a few major city's listed below. Just click on your city for complete details or call us at 1-877-817-9807.