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We are the DTV antenna experts!

Leave it to us...that's right! Like many of you out there, you probably don't know the difference between a VHF antenna or a UHF antenna. Do you need both for your Tulsa location? You may not even have VHF stations in your area so why would you pay for a VHF digital TV antenna if you didn't need it? That's what the Digital Antenna Experts deliver for our Tulsa residents... this complete Tulsa TV antenna installation package!

Tulsa HDTV Antenna Installation

Not sure which TV antenna is right for you in Tulsa? Leave it to us! Our TV antenna installation INCLUDES a custom matched DTV antenna ONLY after we have carefully evaluated and analyzed your home address and determined the distance from the DTV transmission towers in the Tulsa area.

TV Antenna Installation In Tulsa Couldnt Be Easier

We will even update and connect up to 3 of your analog TV's to digital (digital converter boxes sold separately) at no extra charge! Install your new provided antenna and connect to the existing cabling in your home. Tune your new custom TV antenna to ensure years of uninterrupted Tulsa DTV reception.

TV Antenna Installation Tulsa Leaves Nothing Behind

We mean that! We will clean up and remove all packaging materials from your home and neatly organize all cables after the installation.


Appointments available 3-5 days after purchase date. You choose the date and time!
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Other service areas included in the Tulsa area:

Dawson, Sand Springs, Bowden, Oak Hollow, Turner Park, McKinley, Mohawk Manor, Northridge, Oakhurst, East Central, Catoosa, Turley, Sperry

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