What Does An Electronic Cigarette Taste Like

What Does An Electronic Cigarette Taste Like

Our #1 question we get at come from customers who are skeptical on purchasing electronic cigarettes for the first time. They ask..."what does an electronic cigarette taste like". Many of our repeat customers say the flavor emitted by our product replicates exactly that of cigarettes and cigars. They also comment that the odor from our electronic cigarettes are barely noticeable unlike traditional cigarettes that create lingering, difficult to eliminate smells in rooms, cars and clothing. Best of all... they can smoke them anywhere!

Electronic Cigarette Taste Is Not All

It's very apparent what they like best though...the e cigarette cartridges. The electronic cigarettes taste are produced from these cartridges. They come in a variety of flavors ranging from simulations of popular smoking brands such as regular and menthol.

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