Best Digital Outdoor Antennas

Best digital outdoor antennas in the country

Every visitor to my site who has purchased one of the "Clearstream" or for that matter any series antenna... were extremely happy with it's performance!

Why are these the best digital outdoor antennas

New breakthroughs in efficiency & size. The first all new antennas optimized for the post 2009 digital frequencies. Ultra efficient design now allows powerful antennas to be smaller than ever thought possible.

Popular antennas may claim high “peak” gains on specific frequencies, but the Clearstream models are consistently powerful across the entire DTV spectrum. With other compact antennas as little as 10% of the signal may actually reach the tuner. Advancements in efficiency mean that up to 98% of the signal actually makes it to the line rather than being lost to impedance mismatches which makes these the best digital outdoor antennas around!


The Best Digital Outdoor Antennas in the country!

                        Clearstream 1                    Clearstream 2                      Clearstream 4

For those wanting the best digital antennas

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