Best Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antennas

These are rated the best outdoor non amplified HDTV antennas on the market today

Live further out in a rural area? These DTV antennas can get signals up to 70+ miles away! If you have excellent terrain (flat land) or you're in an elevated area, it can be even more!

This DB8 is the ideal antenna for use in locations that can pull long range signals from various directions and offers an attractive alternative to using a directional antenna mounted on a rotator. The Clearstream 4 is even more impressive with its 70 degree beam pattern, receive even more channels in one "fixed" position of your antenna... clearly making this the best outdoor HDTV antenna on the market today!


The DB8...Best Outdoor non Amplified Hdtv Antenna


Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters, the DB8 antenna is one of the best outdoor non amplified HDTV antenna available. In fact, its 15.8 dB gain make it one of the most powerful multi-directional antennas available. It can pick up signals up to 70 miles away!
The DB8 antenna above which is the "step up" from the DB4 is the best antenna for rural areas you're going to find.

The DB8 Antenna and the Clearstream4... both designed for "out of town" rural customers!

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Want The Best Non Amplified Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna Performance in ΒΌ the Size

The Clearstream 4

The first in a series of compact, highly efficient antennas designed and optimized for 2009 frequencies associated with the DTV transition.
New breakthroughs in efficiency & size. The first all new antennas optimized for the post 2009 digital frequencies. Ultra efficient design now allows powerful antennas to be smaller than ever thought possible.

Popular antennas may claim high “peak” gains on specific frequencies, but the Clearstream models are consistently powerful across the entire DTV spectrum. With other compact antennas as little as 10% of the signal may actually reach the tuner. Advancements in efficiency mean that up to 98% of the signal actually makes it to the line rather than being lost to impedance mismatches.
Clearstream 4
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