DB8 Antenna

DB8 antenna!

Whether you live far out in the country all by yourself or in a small town, the DB8 antenna is your answer if you live more than 55 miles from the city.

The Db8 antenna...for rural area customers!

Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters, the DB8 antenna is one of the most powerful multi-directional HD antenna available. In fact, its 15.8 dB gain make it one of the most powerful multi-directional antennas available.

The Db8 antenna above which is the "step up" from the DB4 antenna. The DB4 has a range of 15 to 55 miles, but the DB8 is for those of you who live up to 70 miles away from the tower you want to receive broadcasts from.

The DB8 Makes It Simple For Those In Rural Areas!

The Db8 antenna and the Clearstream4... both designed specifically for rural customers!