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Losing 70% of Detail

Did you know pay TV providers can remove up to 70% of the visual detail

First of all..

When digital signals are sent to your HDTV via your Dish or cable company other than a HDTV antenna they are in a "compressed" state. (Please read this page).

HD channels consume bandwidth like crazy. Which creates a problem for satellite providers Dish Network and DirecTV, who just don't have the capacity to broadcast every channel in HD—so the FCC just gave them the ok to downconvert (compress) broadcasters' HD signals until 2013. Basically, it means that just because a channel is broadcast in HD, they don't have to give it to you in HD.

In 2010, they'll have to have full HD carriage—"carry one, carry all in HD"—in 15 percent of markets where they offer HD, creeping to 30 percent the next year, 60 the next, and finally 100 percent of their HD markets in 2013. Since the FCC didn't tell them which markets the rollout would have to hit, people out in the rural areas are going to be stuck with sub-HD signals on some channels for the longest, since the competition out there is less.

Pay TV- Not So High Definition!

Did you know pay TV providers can remove up to 70% of the visual detail. For many viewers the only option for pure, unadulterated HDTV is an HD antenna!

If paying extra for your local HD stations is not enough to change your mind in how you get them...then maybe this will:
Satelite and Cable providers. Their signal starts out at 20 Mbps and by the time it enters into your house it can be as low as 6 Mbps!

An HDTV antenna? 100% TRUE high def programming...all yours....all free!

Now this is TRUE High Definition!!

Believe me....You will see the difference!!

It's just too bad we can't get every channel this way!