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Love your local network television?

Love your local network television? If you dont have an HD antenna your losing out on some new features they offer!

As I speak, our local channels can now provide multiple channels called "multicasting" due to new digital technology!.

Multicasting is digital television technology that gives me and you access to additional local broadcast TV channels. I think this will be a really neat thing! More local channels!

Any local single station can now provide multiple channels of separate programming simultaneously, free and over the air. Each separate channel is called a multi cast. New multicast channels are already on the air in many larger cities throughout the U.S., and in some smaller markets, too.

I have channel 5 (NBC) in my area already using this technology. Their 2nd channel is devoted to local weather and it's in HD! New local channels are being introduced into the market everyday across the country!...Don't miss out!!


If you are using a Cable or a satellite* provider now for your TV services they are not required by law to broadcast those multicastings!...even after the 2009 digital transition! You are going to loose out on these extra stations your local channels will be providing!

*except in Alaska and Hawaii

Under existing “must-carry” laws, cable systems are required to set aside channels for local analog broadcast stations. As of the cutoff date for analog broadcasts, cable companies must carry local stations in digital form—one channel per station!

This is another reason to get a HD antenna!!

You may want to tell everyone you know who say they won't need a stinkin' HD antenna!
Believe me ...they will thank you!