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The Clearstream2 HDTV Antenna

The digital era is almost here! If you are reading this you're most likely one of the 20 million households in America searching for a digital antenna. I promise (and guarantee) this will be the last site you'll visit in your search for High Definition in your home! Personal assistance, important info and the #1 rated digital antennas in the country... all right here!

Believe me, those "bar" type antennas we tried from Radio Shack and the ones from Terk that fasten underneath your over-hang and the type that you set on top your tv... DON'T WORK! I tried the "bar" type HDTV antenna and both my other neighbors each tried 2 different brand names of the old fashion type hd antenna!  The other 3 brands I tried were terrible! I would get maybe 2 channels at one given position and would rotate the antenna not even a 1/4" of a turn and one would drop out.

Range: 1-30 Miles

DB4 HDTV Antenna

I got online looking for an outdoor hdtv antenna. In fact, me and my neighbor both researched every antenna out there (I'm not kidding)! We read every review, every comment and all the feedback from every antenna we could find. The ones we thought sounded the best or had the best reviews...we tried! The thing was though they all had that same general design and ending results! I finally came across an antenna!

The DB4 pulled in ALL my stations (9) while I was still holding it in my hands just pointing it in the general direction!...Before it was the task of my son in front of the on the roof talking to him on my cell phone while I was adjusting the antenna for him to tell me over the phone "OK, you have channels 2 and 4 coming in but you lost channels 5, 11 and 30...turn it a little more"

Range: 15-55 Miles

The Clearstream 1 HDTV Antenna

aFrom my personal experience of the headaches and aggravation of going up and down on my ladder installing different HDTV antennas only to pick up a few of my local hdtv channels along with everything else I've learned along the way made me decide to build this site to tell others about these HDTV antennas.
Range: 1-30 Miles

DB8 Multi-Directional HDTV Antenna

After going through all of this and in the end me being the one to find the best hdtv antenna... we all ended up getting the same DB4 model except my brother; he had to get the next version up (DB8) cause he lives 65 miles further out. The DB4 is the hdtv antenna that did it!
Range: 50-70+ Miles


Dear Customers,

I am just so overwhelmed with the results of these antennas! knowing what I went through with countless other brands I've tried and finally coming across an antenna that works above all the rest makes it very easy for me to recommend these antennas. If I would have found this DTV antenna on my very first purchase I would have thought they were all the same....THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!....TAKE IT FROM ME!


Why Purchase From Me?

I have gotten e-mails asking me why I price my antennas higher than Amazon and others, but after explaining the benefit of purchasing from me, every person has decided to continue with their order. and others alike do not offer technical support for the antennas that they have in stock and you cannot speak with another person if you run into any installation problems. Save yourself the risk and aggravation and call me if you're having problems with the antenna you ordered from me. I will personally buy it back if you are not 100% satisfied with them!