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You Have Been Fooled!

The Facts!

When digital signals are sent to your HDTV via your Dish or Cable company they are in a "compressed" state. The reason being is that a "true" digital HD signal in it's purest form has too large a bandwidth for cable or satellite companies to handle. So "they" compress "squeeze" the signal down to make room for all the other channels they offer you through their service! What's worse, every time your pay provider adds channels to your service in the future, they will have to compress your local digital signals even more...every single time! If you don't own a digital antenna you have never experienced high definition television!

It Gets Worse

Many consumers who watch their local HDTV channels via their Dish or Cable company are paying on average $10-$15/month additional charges for their local channels!...Why are they paying for sub standard "compressed" local channels when they are FREE!

Do The Math

First...cancel local channel service via your pay provider. Our highly popular "complete" TV antenna installation package can be paid for in just over 3 years with that savings alone. Three years seem like a long time?..Your not going to stop watching television in 3 years are you?

The Best Part

The Benefits:

  • 100% true high definition television enjoyment (most have never really experienced before).
  • More local programming! With the right antenna set up, get up to 15, 20, 25 local channels! We have had customers getting up to 35 channels with the help of our phone support! You cannot get this with a Cable/Dish Co. They are only required by law to carry 1 channel of each network in any given city. Now you can take full advantage of TV multicasting with all your local networks!
  • No more "searching for signal". With a digital antenna this is almost illuminated. Dish customers have always had issues with heavy cloud cover, rain, snow build up...ete. Wouldn't it be nice to have peace of mind when your subject to a severe storm and your Cable or Dish is "searching for signal" or your watching your favorite television program...ALL IN PURE 100% HIGH DEFINITION!